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Fast, secure and reliable hosting that grows with your business

Web Hosting is an important service provided in order to upload the website on the Internet. Specifically, a server is "rented" for a period of time, usually one year.

Darkpony offers Shared Web Hosting and VPS Hosting in and web servers. How web hosting work and which are the available hosting packages? Read more in our blog.

eMail Packages available for our clients

In most cases hosting is closely linked with email services. Email is an everyday communication tool for all businesses and thanks to this, many entanglements and difficulties of the past has surpassed. Based on the importance that distinguishes this electronic medium, the Darkpony provide reliable solutions for the electronic mail service which aim to ensure its smooth operation and the security of communications.

Offered email services:

Standard package

The standard mail service package is available to all our customers who already purchase support package for their websites. What is included; Up to 10 mailboxes with 1 GB each.

Premium package

If the above package doesn’t cover your company needs, we offer premium email service. Email coverage using Google Apps, Rackspace or Network Solutions.

Forget any technical issues, we are here to support your online identity

Website maintenance is the last part of a website lifecycle. What makes maintenance vital to website existance? It is certainly, risk prevention arising from website management.

Our company undertakes the support of any corporate identity online. For this reason we provide to our customers two support packages, Standard and Premium.

The Technical Maintenance & Support services provided by Darkpony Ltd annually in order to ensure any project operation after completion.

The main Technical Maintenance & Support services include:

  1. Proper function of the Darkpony Web CMS platform and website, when web hosting is provided by Darkpony Ltd.
  2. Solving possible errors that may occur in the source code of the Darkpony Web CMS platform (bug fixing).
  3. Solving technical problems associated with the operation and the implementation of the platform Darkpony Web CMS, work week from 09:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m.
  4. Upgraded versions of the Darkpony Web CMS platform are implemented to client’s system. It concerns announced updates during the duration of the project.