8 Ways In Which PPC Ads Will Skyrocket Your Business

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is an online marketing tool valuable for all business owners that want to grow their business. How is that? It is simple! PPC advertising can help you boost your visibility, drive meaningful traffic to your website and increase conversions. 

The most popular form of PPC is Google search engine advertising. It allows advertisers to bid for ad placements in a search engine’s sponsored links section when users search for a keyword related to your business’ products or services. So what you do is bid on a keyword to ensure that your ad will be shown to users interested in your business, but you only pay when a user clicks on the ad. 

Read below to find eight reasons why you should include Google Search Ads in your marketing strategy!

1. Get Closer To Your Goals

PPC ads can help you increase brand awareness and boost your website's traffic. Think of PPC as your middle man. What does this mean? Advertising content downloads and newsletter signups can promote and support most sales and guide users from being mere visitors to becoming your customers. In addition, the data reporting makes it easy for you to know what is working and what is not to optimize your goals. 

2. Better Insights

PPC ads are easy to track and measure, making them one of the best online advertising. When using it alongside Google analytics, you get a whole range of data such as impressions, clicks, and conversions you can then use accordingly. So you know how well your campaign is performing at all times. The statistics read how much traffic you are receiving and what kind of results you get for your invested money. A Google Ads specialist will tell you no doubt that it makes for better advertising decisions and helps you determine how relevant every PPC ad is to users.

3. Set Up In No Time

Unlike search engine optimization, PPC ads can be set up quickly with minimal optimization and without limiting you to people already knowing your business. Therefore they allow you to quickly expand your network of visitors while doing most of your work. The speed with which PPC advertising brings in users is one of its main advantages. The next pro, which can be used as feedback for your SEO strategy, is that it can provide information such as sales, events, and limited edition products to the public quickly. There are plenty of reasons for a company to want fast results, especially one that is just starting, so the advantages of Google Ads for small businesses are enormous. 

4. You Are At The Helm

One company aspect that can benefit significantly from a high level of control is marketing, and PPC enables just that. The first and probably the most important one is the budget factor. From keyword analysis to how restrictive you want to be, with PPC, you get budget flexibility. Someone may want to start small, and they can choose how much they want to spend and change it along the way. You have the freedom to pause or even stop an ad in an instant. You can even adjust it with minor edits or optimize it while running, allowing you to test new things every day. Whatever your goal is, you can track, manage and alter it within a day. 

5. Great Match For Other Marketing Tools

PPC advertising allows a company to use it alongside various other marketing tools. For example, SEO, as well as PPC, are used in search engines, mainly Google. These two can work hand in hand, aiming for the same target audience. Your PPC data can then be redirected to your SEO strategy and vice versa. Comparing it to the more traditional mail, which is more expensive and provides no real-time data, you can easily understand the benefits. 

6. Casts Your Net Far And Wide

Perhaps the most significant benefit of PPC ads is that they allow you to reach those who aren't your customers already as well as users who have visited your site. With PPC, ads show only to potential clients that search for relevant keywords in the first place. If someone clicks on such an ad, you can be sure that it was not an accident but that they were indeed interested in visiting your site. As we've already mentioned, the control over the ad is much more vital since you manage the when and where it shows up. If you know who you are targeting, you can plan out your paid search marketing in such a way that expands your exposure and conversion rate. 

7. Plethora of Data

In the previous point, we talked about how the data you receive from your PPC ads can be redirected to your SEO (and an SEO specialist can further elaborate). Another cool feature is that you can also discover where your audience is located by using the keyword planner. You can even see what your competitors are up to and what part of the market you can possibly share with them. As marketing agents have been delving deeper into google analytics, they have gained incredible knowledge concerning the Customer Journey. This information can help you understand better how to earn a user's trust and make them your loyal customer. Identifying negative keywords to help you leave out irrelevant traffic or positive keywords to know how a user searches and determining what is working so you can better allocate your money are just a few of the pros of PPC. 

8. New To The Game? Even Better!

If your site does not get a good website ranking on search engines or you are just starting out your website, you should consider using PPC. PPC is especially beneficial to new businesses as it will put you on the same map as companies that have been in the market for decades! 

Darkpony has been working with PPC for a long time now; our people keep abreast with PPC updates and can confirm how dependable and successful such a strategy can be. The best part is that there is no harm in trying it out. 

If you have further questions regarding google advertisements in general, you can always contact us. Our team would be happy to explain.