Association of Accredited Laboratories of Cyprus (SDIEK)

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The Association of Accredited Laboratories of Cyprus - SDIEK was founded in 2022 to become the connecting link between the island's clinical laboratories and the voice that will promote their interests with a structured strategy. The main drivers of the Association are the promotion of accreditation and the continuous provision of quality primary healthcare services by all its Members.


Association of Accredited Laboratories of Cyprus (SDIEK) | Branding & Landing Page


The Association of Accredited Laboratories of Cyprus trusted our team, initially for creating its brand identity and then for designing and developing a landing page, which will be the primary online reference of the Association.



  • Creation of a brand identity fully adapted to the needs and values of the Association

  • Design of an informative, user-friendly landing page

  • Incorporation of a clear call to action (CTA) into the landing page


Provided Services   

a) Creation of Brand Identity

Our team carefully listened to the information provided by the client regarding the vision, needs, and values of the Association. Based on that, we created the Association's brand identity - colors, logo, etc. The colors chosen, mainly blue, inspire reliability and trust, while purple is used primarily for emphasis.


Branding Image 1 - logo


Branding Image 3 - letterhead


b) Landing Page Design & Development

The Darkpony team, considering the customer's needs, created a landing page that is informative and user-friendly so that all visitors can easily find the information they need. The landing page is designed around a call to action that urges fellow practitioners to sign up and become association members. In addition, the landing page was created to fully reflect the brand identity of the Association - logo, color combinations, etc.



Dp-web content-sdiek–landing page


Dp-web content-sdiek–landing page-responsive