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Tymvios Labs is one of the leading clinical laboratories in Cyprus while it has a 40-year experience in its industry. Tymvios Labs’ main goal is to provide prompt, high-quality services to its customers and that’s why it ensures that its services are constantly upgraded. Over the years, it has set up a total of 6 laboratories in Nicosia, Larnaca, and Limassol and has recently joined the newly established General Healthcare System (GHS). Tymvios Labs is composed of specially trained staff that can conduct laboratory, blood, and other related tests, with accuracy and professionalism. Tymvios Labs, realizing the special conditions that a number of its customers may face, has included at-home and workplace blood testing, in its services.


In the digital era, the online presence of businesses is very important. And that’s why we are glad that Dr. Harris Tymvios has chosen Darkpony to develop a complete online presence for Tymvios Labs. In collaboration with the customer, we set certain goals so that we could create the required digital marketing strategy.


  • Increase brand awareness

  • Attract new leads

  • Generate audience engagement 

  • Educate the audience about the offered services

Focusing on the set goals, our team implemented the Inbound Marketing Strategy.


Landing Page Creation

In this case, the landing page works like a mini-website as it gathers all the information about Tymvios Labs and its activities. It's simple and easy to navigate and consequently, user-friendly. The landing page is the core of the strategy since all the digital marketing actions (e.g. social media posts and ads) aim at increasing page traffic.

Landing Page responsive

Social Media Management

We developed a structured strategy by taking the following actions: a) creating monthly plans with scheduled posts and targeted advertisements and b) ensuring that the company's brand identity will be visible in the content and visuals creation. As a result, the users' engagement and the number of followers on the company's social media accounts have significantly been increased.

Tymvios Social Media

Implementation of Targeted Google Ads

Our team has included the targeted Google Ads in the overall marketing strategy. Specifically, we used Display Ads to increase brand awareness by reaching a broad audience and Search Ads to increase website traffic.

Tymvios Google Ads

Design of Email Newsletter

We created a well-designed email newsletter tailored to the Company’s needs to enhance communication with its clients and partners.

Tymvios Newsletter


Website Design & Development 

In 2019, we designed and developed the first landing page for the medical laboratory. At that time, we aimed to present only the necessary and most important information about the laboratory. 

By 2021 we have already collected over 10.000 visitors, which triggered the need to upgrade the landing website to a regular website. Our new purpose was to provide users extensive information about the expertise of the medical laboratory, the variety of services offered, and educate them with articles on related topics. So, at the beginning of 2022, we launched a modern, user-friendly website. 


Dp-web continent- TymviosLabs - website


Challenges & goals of the project 

  • Renew the existing design of the landing page

  • Maintain the brand identity & guidelines 

  • Facilitate the user experience through a 100% functional website

  • Enrich the variety of content provided

  • User-centered design focusing on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.


Setting up the goals and having excellent communication with our trusted partner, Dr. Haris Tymvios, inspired us to design and develop a website that serves the needs and works perfectly in Greek and English. Now, locals and visitors worldwide can navigate through the various sections in a secure and user-friendly environment for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. 


Dp-web continent-Unicaf–landing page – 2


Dp-web continent- TymviosLabs - website–pages – 2