Europa Donna Cyprus


Europa Donna Cyprus is a non-profit organization, a member of the Europa Donna Federation founded in 1994 in collaboration with 47 other European member countries to raise awareness and improve breast cancer services.

In 2002 the international organization welcomed Cypriot patients and their families at Europa Donna House in Nicosia, offering free programs and support services. Since then, the organization has been working hard to promote the importance of early diagnosis and scientific research funding into this incurable disease.

At the same time, the Europa Donna Cyprus team claims the access of cancer patients to the various decision-making centers and the provision of optimal treatment through the organization of charity events, campaigns, and marches, in cooperation with European and other national bodies.

EUROPA DONNA CYPRUS | March with the Pink Figures 2022 | Landing Page


Europa Donna Cyprus, pleased with our team's services in managing their social media accounts, proceeded with further collaboration with Darkpony about creating an event Landing Page.

The page was designed to inform people about the March With The Pink Figures 2022. 



  • Informing society about the organization of the March with the Pink Figures 2022

  • Spread awareness about this year's message - "The Right to be Forgotten" for all people with cancer experience

  • Encourage public participation in the event

  • Boost fundraising support


Dp-web content-europa-donna-landing


Landing Page Design & Development

Our team designed and developed an informational landing page encouraging people's participation in the March with the Pink Figures 2022. 

The landing page was designed following the Organization's brand guidelines, e.g., colors and elements (the pink woman figure, the ribbon, etc.). At the same time, special emphasis was given to this year's March's message, i.e., "The Right to be Forgotten" - the right of every person who has experienced cancer to move forward with their life without discrimination, with access to insurance coverage and financial facilities.


Dp-web content-Unicaf–landing page


We also placed CTAs on prominent locations of the landing page to draw the visitors' attention and encourage them to support the campaign.


  • A button that directs users to the section with the campaign’s symbol - the lotus flower

Dp-web content-europa-donna-landing-1


  • A financial donation section

Dp-web content-europa-donna-landing– 3


  • A clickable lotus flower

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Darkpony team was also present at the March with the Pink Figures 2022 supporting Europa Donna Cyprus’ important cause.

Dp-web content-europa-donna – landing page

EUROPA DONNA CYPRUS | Social Media Management as part of our CSR Initiative


Within the context of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), Darkpony has decided to support Europa Donna Cyprus by providing social media management services. 

Since May 2022, our Digital Marketing team has been managing the digital accounts of Europa Donna Cyprus and assisting in other areas. 



  • Enhancing brand engagement among social media users

  • Improving the organization's online presence

  • Communicating the organization's initiatives, events and services online

  • Increasing public participation in events


Social Media Management

Having reviewed the brand identity and understanding the cause and core values Europa Donna Cyprus wishes to communicate, our team created a strategy to meet these demands.  


We share the Initiatives and Services offered to cancer patients.

Dp-web content-europa-donna-social – 2


We inform the public about the organization of charity events.

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We celebrated together the 20 years of a selfless offer to society.

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We walked together at the March with the Pink Figures claiming #TheRightToBeForgotten

Europa Donna Cyprus annually organizes one of the most significant charity events - the March with the Pink Figures. People walk in the main streets of Nicosia, dressed in pink, with a single purpose - to claim the rights of breast and ovarian cancer patients. This year the organization is championing ‘’Τhe Right to be Forgotten’’ - the right of every person who has experienced cancer to move on with their lives, without discrimination, with access to insurance coverage and financial facilities.

In addition to promoting the event through social media, our team has created an event page on Facebook to motivate people to participate in this year's March with the Pink Figures.



Dp-web content-europa-donna-social – 4 ENG


Dp-web content-europa-donna-social – 5 - ENG

EUROPA DONNA CYPRUS | Website Design & Development


Creating a new website for Europa Donna Cyprus was challenging due to several factors that needed to be considered. The organization's commitment to raising breast cancer awareness and supporting patients required a platform aligned with their values and seamlessly transitioned into the digital space.


Our team faced several challenges, including:

  • Maintaining their brand identity, 

  • Prioritizing user experience in design, and 

  • Creating a community-oriented platform for sharing important information 


Dp-web content-europa-donna-website
Dp-web content-europa-donna-website – 1



Our team analyzed every aspect of the client's requirements to ensure we could create a website that fulfilled their needs. 

To maintain their brand essence, we employed a harmonious blend of design elements that encapsulated familiarity and a contemporary feel. We carefully selected the color palette, typography, and imagery to resonate with the target audience while we followed an empathetic design approach to ensure the website would be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our team anticipated the user's journey and placed crucial information within easy reach. The website's layout was structured to ensure a seamless experience, facilitating the discovery of support networks and educational and informational materials.

In addition, to ensure that the website remains a relevant source of information, we implemented a robust Content Management System (CMS). The content management system allows the organization to upload resources, event updates, and educational content quickly and efficiently.



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