A.P. Georghiades


A.P.Georghiades was founded in 1953 as a company dealing with Human Pharmaceutical products and Household Cleaning Materials. Today, 69 years later, it managed to become one of the largest companies in the industry in Cyprus. The company's activities have been expanded to importing and distributing disposable catering items household, and hygienic products. Its clientele list includes some of the biggest wineries, breweries, soft drink bottling companies, supermarkets, and hotels operating in Cyprus. High-quality products and well-educated people are the company’s best assets to serve its mission; To provide an excellent environment for its employees and offer excellence in products and services for its clients.

A.P. GEORGHIADES | Landing Page Design & Development | Social Media

Collaborating with A.P.Georghiades is an honor for our team here at Darkpony. As part of the digital transformation scheme of the company, we collaborated in designing and implementing a landing page for the company and developing a strategy for social media management in Facebook and Instagram.


  • Reinforce the brand awareness to a broader audience

  • Establish a strong presence for the company 

  • Educate the audience on the expertise, significant partners, and wide variety of products & services offered by the company

  • Create a captivating, modern landing page for optimal user-experience


AP Georghiades Landing image 1


Landing page Design & Development

Our team designed and developed a custom landing page to serve A.P.Georghiades’s needs and goals. We aimed to deliver a fresh, modern design that highlights the most significant elements; Experience, Variety of products and services, and High standards in quality & safety.

The landing page is an opportunity for the company to showcase one of the most meaningful sections of the company, “Its people and culture.” There’s a dedicated section of images talking about the company’s history, activities, people, and premises. At the very end, individuals and businesses representatives interested in Georgiade’s products and services can easily and securely leave a message.


AP Georghiades Landing image new


Social Media Management 

Our team created and implemented the digital strategy for promotion on social media. We included a mixture of content maintaining the brand identity and objectives of the client. 

Our responsibility was to prepare the monthly social media plans, monitor the performance, and suggest new types of content, such as testimonials and contests, to boost engagement on the relevant channels. In addition, all promotions target an audience with specific characteristics and interests. Ultimately, we sought to establish a solid online presence and encourage user-generated content around the brand through social media marketing.


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