City Unity College

Educational Institution

City Unity College is a newly formed educational institution that started operating in the heart of Nicosia in 2018. It provides more than 25 accredited programs, is staffed with highly qualified academics, and is equipped with the latest technological facilities. City Unity College provides access to education for people that choose to study at a college that embraces diversity, offers a global approach for the market’s needs, and at the same time, allows their students to enhance their knowledge and think critically.

This is the philosophy of City Unity College, and this is what we saw when we first met Mr. Elias Philippou, Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Such an innovative college needed the right resources and knowledge to communicate its uniqueness and educate the audience on the available diplomas, bachelors, and master’s degrees. At this point, we took over and we developed and implemented a holistic inbound marketing strategy that would best work for our client. 


CITY UNITY COLLEGE Inbound Marketing

When an organization is relatively new in the market, creating brand awareness is a must-do for its growth. That was our first and foremost conclusion when City Unity College initially reached out. After conducting research & analysis of the current market circumstances, we prepared a structured plan of the challenges and goals, the recommended services, and the strategy we needed to follow. Our priority was to meet our client’s needs while delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. 



  • Increase brand awareness

  • Attract new leads

  • Educate the audience on the high-quality programs of the institution 

Focusing on the goals, our marketing specialists developed an Inbound Marketing Strategy tailored to the client’s needs. 


Dp-web continent-CityU–Growth


Landing Page Creation 

We designed and developed a landing page that served as a tool where prospective students could discover the benefits of studying at City Unity College, find more information on the available courses and enter a competition to earn a scholarship. The landing page is functional, user-friendly, in line with the company philosophy, and conveys the desired messages by providing only the necessary information.


Dp-web continent-CityU–landing page


Social Media Management 

In this case, the social media plan is a supportive but rather significant way of online advertising. We prepared our target audience on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, considering the characteristics of the available Diplomas and Masters degrees and the unique value proposition of the organization. We aligned the content with the standards of each social platform and the College’s brand identity. In only one month, we managed to get 1.04 million impressions, whereas more than 35 thousand people have engaged with the content on our pages (e.g., reactions, comments, shares). 


Dp-web continent-CityU–Social Media Management


Google Ads Pay-per-click Campaigns

Google ads play a vital role in the strategy, redirecting users to the landing page and the College’s website - The campaign consists of Google Search, Google Display, and Google Video Ads. The great variety of keywords at our disposal provided us the opportunity to design ads in both Greek and English languages. Thus, we developed customized ads and highlighted the features of the Diplomas and Masters degrees offered by City Unity College. Within one month, 3 million users viewed the ads, more than 6 thousand new users visited the landing page and the website, and the number of page views has rocketed at 11 thousand.  


Dp-web continent-CityU–Google Ads