Paper Artist

Demetra Kokkinou is one of those artists who managed to turn her youthful passion into a profession. As a child, she was in love with books but not just because of the storytelling. She was fascinated by the fact that she could take their pages and make paper toys to bring the characters of her books to life. So much magic for a little kid!

When she finally became an artist, she experimented with many materials, but the paper was her favorite one. While working with paper, she felt that she had endless creative opportunities in front of her. Because as she says, ‘’paper is a great chameleon’’. Now, she is excited to call herself a Paper Artist that can express thoughts, feelings, and ideas through unique works of art.


DEMETRA KOKKINOU Website Design & Development


Artists’ way of thinking is unique as their works of art. That’s why we designed a website that mirrors in the best way possible Demetra’s creative spirit. We kept the website simple to allow Demetra’s work to speak for itself. The website is fresh and minimal, with a combination of contemporary and vintage elements. We also added an elegant paper-like background and large photos to showcase her passion for her favorite material. 

The website was developed on our own Content Management System (CMS) to provide the client with the flexibility to make any changes or updates she wishes at any time. Last but not least, we optimized the website for all devices to ensure that the visitors will have a user-friendly experience.


Demetra Kokkinou