LandCraft Landscaping

Landscape Company

LandCraft Landscaping is a professional & experienced company that provides complete gardening and landscaping services since 2009. People at LandCraft combine their love for nature and their knowledge of exterior decoration to offer tailored, unique, and stunning landscaping solutions to each of their clients. Their core activities are research, design, construction, maintenance, and irrigation systems.

Over the years, LandCraft has implemented projects at private homes, hotels, public buildings and roads, corporations, and factories, all over Cyprus. A glance at the exceptional work provided by the team speaks for itself.

LANDCRAFT LANDSCAPING - Landing Page & Social Media management

When we first met the team of Landcraft Landscaping, we realised how professional and dedicated they are in everything they do. We immediately understood the needs of the company and the impact the digital presence will have on their growth. Thus, we prepared a strategic plan that includes the design and development of a landing page, that in combination with social media promotion, would lead to the desired outcome. 



  • Spread brand awareness

  • Establish a dynamic digital presence 

  • Attract new customers


Landing Page Creation 

The landing page intends to communicate with the users and display the quality of the company’s work. That’s why we designed and developed a user-friendly landing page, using natural colours, white space, and green elements that adhere to the brand identity. All social media posts are linked to the landing page, allowing the users to discover more about the company and its services.

At the very bottom of the website, visitors can use the contact form to contact the team and receive all the information they need.


Web continent-Landcraft–landing page


Social Media Management 

Our team created the social media accounts and prepared a structured plan to meet the goals we set up with the client. The visuals we created are modern and have the right colours and style, representing the brand identity.

Moreover, our team is responsible for preparing the monthly social media plan. We consistently monitor the social media performance, manage the channels and promote the required content using the proper audience targeting and setting up goals for each campaign. With social media marketing, we seek to enhance engagement and ultimately create a community around LandCraft Landscaping.