A. G. Leventis Gallery


A. G. Leventis Gallery is a cultural gem in the heart of Nicosia that was made possible through the synchronized efforts of several professionals and with the support of the Leventis family. The pieces exhibited in the gallery date from the Renaissance to the 20th century, and they are part of the collection of Anastasios G. Leventis. Anastasios G. Leventis was a real admirer of fine arts, and he had this big dream; to give his compatriots the opportunity to enjoy the pieces he collected by exhibiting them in a fine arts museum. His dream came true, and now, we can all admire unique artworks in a place that combines art, elegance, and simplicity.





A. G. LEVENTIS GALLERY e-shop Website Design & Development


The A. G. Leventis Gallery e-shop, or to be more precise ‘The AGLG Shop’, was designed with extra care to mirror the distinctive features of the Gallery; we kept it simple, pleasant, and elegant. During the development process, significant emphasis was given on delivering a user-friendly experience. Moreover, we optimized the e-shop to be functional on multiple devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) to allow the users to navigate and shop with ease. The e-shop offers a variety of products under different categories - home decoration, office equipment, gift ideas, jewellery, and many more - that are displayed in an effective way of online shopping. So, if you want to buy something special for a friend, a family member, a colleague, or even yourself, the AGLG Shop could be a good shopping option for you!


The AGLG Shop Website