Οne of the largest telecommunications providers in Cyprus

MTN Cyprus is one of the largest Telecommunication companies in Cyprus which continually evolves in response to rapidly changing technologies and user demands. In 2014, MTN decided to create the first internet tech-blog platform in Cyprus that it could be also accompanied by Android and iPhone apps.

MTN instructed Darkpony to design and develop its technology blog as well as the application for mobile devices. Using a modern approach, but taking into consideration the company's brand image, we designed and developed a fully responsive website based on Darkpony WebCMS, a web-based web management system.

After three years, the company exploits the successful course of the site and Darkpony undertakes its renewal and development on a completely personalized blog.

MTN TechMag

MTN, as an expert in Technology, gives you through MTN TechMag all they information you need to know when taking your first steps to the digital era and the amazing technology world. MTN TechMag introduces you to the full potentials of a smartphone or a tablet and gives you useful tips for the purchase and use of a device. It educates you fully on the operating systems of the devices and the top 5 apps of each category!




MTN E-Store

After the success and public acceptance of MTN Blog, MTN applaud our work by assigning us the redesign of their eShop. Through a new and modern design, users can access product and contract information easier. MTN customers have a complete user experience for their online purchases.








MTN Facebook App

Under the voluntary program 21 Days of Y'ello Care, Darkpony develop for MTN a Facebook app. The application focuses on safe internet browsing. The aim is to inform the public about the dangers posed by the Internet and actions required for its proper use.








MTN Mobile App

MTN Techblog, continues to evolve, so that it will be in every device, serving the greatest need of its readers to be informed and to be always advancing. From now on, MTN Techblog has its own application, MTN Techblog app!

MTN Techblog app is available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhone. Application design and implementation derived by the Darkpony.




MTN Blog

MTN Cyprus assigned Darkpony the task to design and develop the technology blog as well as the mobile applications. Utilising a modern approach but taking into consideration the strict guidelines that needed to be followed, we designed and developed a fully responsive website which is based on the Darkpony WebCMS, a web based management system. The responsive wireframe of Darkpony WebCMS ensures that the website is fully accessible over mobile devices and tablets without any UX (User Experience) compromisations.