Poseidonia Healthcare


Poseidonia Healthcare counts more than 25 years of experience providing customized medical treatments to patients worldwide. A lot of years of hard work and dedication have transformed them from a local medical center into one of the most visited medical tourism destinations around the globe. However, their corporate mantra has been the same since day one; to provide a Healing Life experience to every person that walks into their medical center. 


A combination of innovative therapies with a professional medical & support team has established them among the leaders in the market. At Poseidonia Healthcare, you can find any medical service, such as recovery from chronic diseases, anti-aging health management, sports performance, and non-surgical beauty therapies, all under one roof.

POSEIDONIA HEALTHCARE | Google/Bing Ads & Landing Page Design and Development


Poseidonia Healthcare Center instructed our team on expanding its online visibility through an inbound marketing strategy consisting of a user-friendly landing page and PPC advertisements. 

We developed and designed a landing page where users can visit and obtain information about Poseidonia's services, stories, and the benefits they can receive once they become their customers. 

We caught people's attention with PPC advertisements on Google and Bing and reached valuable clicks for special services that Poseidonia offers. 



  • Expand the visibility of the brand through search engines

  • Attract new leads for various available treatments

  • Educate the audience about the specialized techniques provided by the medical professionals


Poseidonia Landing image 1


Landing Page Creation

Our team delivered a custom, user-friendly landing page using brand colors and highlighting essential elements of  Poseidonia Healthcare's identity.  

We talked about the company's story, shared its medical services, and provided reasons that convinced visitors to apply for a free consultation. 

At the bottom of the page, we encouraged users to find out more and book their free consultation via the contact form or the organization's social media channels. 


Poseidonia Landing image 2


Google Ads 

Our well-skilled digital marketing specialists boost awareness about Poseidonia Healthcare Center services with Search Ads on Google and Bing search engines. 

Our main goal was to reach the buyer persona of the institution through campaigns in multiple locations worldwide. Therefore, we constantly monitored the landing page traffic throughout that period. By measuring the conversions, we optimized the results according to the client's needs. 

Since the beginning of the campaign, we noted a sharp increase in the total visitors to the website, drove substantial traffic to the landing page, and, most importantly, achieved qualitative clicks and conversions. 


Darkpony-Poseidonia-Google Ads Results


Bing Ads 

Aiming to target people searching for keywords related to medical services, Microsoft was their preferable Search Engine; we placed 1 Pay-Per-Click Search Advertisement on Bing. In such a manner, we increased the Total Campaign Impressions and got access to valuable demographic insights of our target audience. 


Darkpony-Poseidonia-Bing Ads Results