Making International Higher Education Accessible in Africa

Unicaf is an accredited independent higher educational institution established in 2012. Within nine years, Unicaf managed to expand rapidly to a well-structured organization with a physical presence in over 12 countries and strategic partners in the UK, US, and Africa. Recently the organization founded its university - Unicaf University. 


Unicaf provides Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs through its partnerships and its campuses. Due to its flexibility, a student can follow either e-learning or face-to-face learning. Unicaf is among the nominators for the award of “sustainability Institution” for the year 2021. Its mission is to contribute to educational, economic, and sustainable development through recognized programs that embrace diversity and develop professional skills for every student.

UNICAF UNIVERSITY Mobile Application

Darkpony undertook the design and development for Unicaf University's mobile application with groundbreaking look and functionalities. Available on Android and iOS devices, the app is allowing its users to easily browse through available courses as well as complete their scholarship application, easily and practically.







UNICAF Website Design & Development


Website Audit 

First and foremost, we ran a Website Audit that consisted of four phases starting from the discovery overview and ending to the strategy design. A series of phone calls, personal visits, and meetings with the Unicaf team helped us to get a thorough understanding of the company and its corporate goals. Then we conducted our research and analyzed the performance of the existing website. The overview enabled us to conclude on the design strategy we believed best suited the company. 


The three main pillars of the Website Audit:

  1. To understand the position of the company in the market

  2. To follow the brand identity of the company

  3. To strategically use significant elements of the existing website and transform any components that were not working into valuable ones.


Website Design & Development

Undertaking the project of designing and developing the website of such an organization requires commitment, dedicated people, and hard work. This mindset fits into ours as that’s the way we work at Darkpony when undertaking a project. Our team of Web Designers and Web Developers worked closely with the project managers of Unicaf for the past year to achieve the desired outcome. 


Challenges & goals of the project 

  • Renew the existing design and structure of the website

  • Facilitate the management process of people internally

  • Automate procedures for greater efficiency 

  • Boost user traffic and generate more leads 

Users can now navigate smoothly through the website, find news and activities, and easily register for a scholarship. We also integrated the website with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform of the organization to automate the process of lead generation campaigns. 


Some of the characteristics of the website

  • The design and development are custom-made by our specialized team

  • The website is multi-domain; administrators can manage multiple domains through a single Content Management System (CMS) - WordPress

  • The website ensures an optimized user experience on both desktop and mobile devices 

We also designed a landing page following the standards of the website for future campaigns. 

The synergy between a contemporary design and custom functionalities creates a unique result commensurate with the scale of the organization. 

Dp-web continent-Unicaf–pages


Dp-web continent-Unicaf–website– 1


Dp-web continent-Unicaf–website-responsive

UNICAF Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complementary to the new custom website. SEO is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for communicating with Google and ranking higher on the search engine results page. 

We implemented extensive SEO research and analysis for Unicaf.org using professional tools and systems. Precisely, we analyzed the existing share of voice, performed an SEO Audit, identified the most qualitative keywords, and suggested an action plan for each segment the organization is targeting for its programs. Our goal is to rank on the first page for the most valuable keywords and gain traffic to our website. Ultimately, we aim to improve lead generation and establish a dynamic online competitive advantage.


Unicaf Search Results

Dp-web continent-Unicaf–landing page – 1