In a rapidly growing and changing environment, DarkponyCMS is definitely the right tool to use. From individuals, who require something relatively simple, to large companies, who need something complex, DarkponyCMS is the ideal way to present products and services on the Internet.

DarkponyCMS is a web-based content management system which provides authoring, collaboration and administration tools, specifically designed in such a way to allow users to create and manage website content with a relative ease way.

Few clicks are required, in order to manage and organize a website content with the use of our user-friendly web interface.

Capturing Visitors

A website is created in order to convert leads into sales by emphasizing and focusing on the benefits of products and services. The responsive design is offering a unique experience to users. The multilingual environment is designed to provide optimized use of social networks.

Content management

The content renewal has never been easier through the use of a custom WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. With one click new pages can be created can create new pages or edit existing pages, manage image files etc. With tools such as Campaign Manager, newsletters can be sent in selected lists based on custom templates. Through DarkponyCMS, the displayed URL on pages can be specified, optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As an administrator user role assignment is available.

Business understanding

The platform comes with integrated results from Google Analytics, graphics and analysis, popular pages, daily visits etc.


The modular architecture of the system allows customization at any moment in the future, in order to be continuously updated. Websites based on DarkponyCMS support all web browsers. The automated backup system ensures registered data in case of an error.

DarkponyCMS constitutes a working tool that aims to make it easier for administrators to update content easily in a short time while offering multiple functions promoting the electronic identity of a company.