Through a web browser and with the use of  specific hardware, customers can deposit their cheques remotely and securely.

Via API calls, iDeposit will exchange information with the SmartClear Application to assist and expedite the cheque clearing process.


Core Features

User Experience & User Interface (UX & UI)

Usability is a factor that characterises a successful web application. Through our user-friendly approach we designed and developed a smooth experience for the users, improving that way the efficiency of their daily tasks.


The system can support a number of different scanners.
Supports Scanners with Ethernet or USB Connections
Scanner module, built around a RESTful API approach that handles the secure data exchange between client and core application. Supports various scanner models using USB or Ethernet connectivity.

Native Web Scanner

Our solution has a built in scan module with native HTTP/HTTPS commands for scanners that support the HTTPS protocol (capable to scan documents without the need of any additional drivers on supported scanner models).

Support of different browsers

The application is accessible through all major browsers.

Reconciliation & Data entry

  • During reconciliation users can perform the following tasks:
  • Data entry.
  • Image manipulation.
  • Search scanned documents.
  • Documents’ validations.

Users roles and permissions

Availability of multiple roles with different set of permissions, that provide access to particular selected system modules.

Synchronisation with Active Directory

Synchronise the users of one or more Groups that are assigned in the Active Directory.

Audit Trail

Trace changes made by users to key modules of the application.

Code Line Recognition

Codeline Recognition can be performed through MICR.

Code Line and Image Validation

Perform the required validations to ensure that MICR data and cheque image capturing process is clear from operational errors.


Print at least one line endorsement identifier on the reverse side of the cheque.

Archive Section

All scanned documents are stored in the archive section. A flexible search system allows the user to easily search using various parameters.


Secure data exchange is achieved using HTTPS protocol, OAuth secure tokens, encrypted passwords and password policies.

No Client installation required depending on scanners model:

On selected scanner models there is no need to install any drivers or software in order for the scanner to operate.