Darkpony developed eMporium, a web application intending to provide the right tools for businesses selling products and services online. This online store is tailored to the needs and the requirements of any business. It is designed, developed and tested under the highest quality standards combining reliability, security, speed and user friendliness. The application is aiming to promote appearance and products online, bringing the best online management tools.

Emporium’s General Features

  • Full customization of the appearance of the eShop: unique design based on any business identity.
  • Unlimited number of products (ability to assign products to multiple categories)
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Discount coupons
  • 'List Price' and 'Our Price' options
  • Advanced inventory management: Easily create / add and import / export of products and orders
  • Support for over 50 + online payment methods
  • Real time calculation of transport and taxes
  • Optimized code with emphasis on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to appear high in search engine results (Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • A newsletter system is available in order to notify subscribers for new offers and products.
  • Social Media Marketing Capabilities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Multilingual: English and Greek
  • Connection with ERP, warehouse and invoicing system.
  • Static pages for profile, payment and transport information

Administration features

Managing an e-shop has never been so easy. Programming background is not prerequisite for eMporium’s administrator. A simple and friendly menu guides users in step by step actions.

Through a simple interface, user is guided methodically in managing the eshop. With just few clicks adding products, monitoring orders, creating coupons are processes can be achieved.

eMporium provides detailed information allowing to monitor online transactions. Upon entering, a dashboard is providing crucial information:

  • Diagrammatic illustration of orders per month for current year
  • Diagrammatic illustration of sales comparison for last two years
  • Open, completed and cancelled orders
  • Popular products
  • Ιnventory control
  • Low stock notifications

All tools are extend of a mouse - pointer

  • Create and send newsletters to a subscriber's base
  • Create promotions such as discount coupons for selected products or categories
  • Different user access levels
  • SMS alerts
  • Returns management
  • Order History
  • Customer management

Customer features

Never again eshop navigation wasn’t so easy and pleasant. eMporium has unique features that facilitate user in navigating at an eShop. The user become a living part of the eshop rather than a simple guest.

  • Easy purchase system (1 click)
  • Order History
  • Product reviews and ratings, in regards to the products that are on sale.
  • Wish list feature (for products that are not in stock).
  • Returns Management System (RMA)
  • Registered Members can have access to special prices.
  • Capability to use discounts coupons.
  • Reward point’s add-on
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Printable invoices
  • Numerous choices of payment methods: Full support of the most popular online payment: Pay Pal, 2Check Out etc.

Security Features

eMporium is developed using the latest methods of secure transactions.

  • Customers and administrators can perform any type of transaction securely and safely.
  • Full HHTPS/SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL Access Management
  • Secure HTTPS / SSL payment environment

Other advantages

  • Lower Cost / Lower Prices
  • Easier to search and compare products
  • 24/7 operation
  • Larger Audience
  • Home Delivery
  • Online Payments
  • Better Customer Service
  • Advanced analytics on customers / products

Eshop graphics based on corporate’s identity design. eMporium is a digital tool for Internet active companies. The system is updated constantly based on the needs of online stores, adopting steadily new features.