Pinacs is a complete, easy to use, customized web application, addressed to educational institutions (schools, language schools, etc.). It can cover all administrative, management and training needs of an institution.



The application can be accessed through any device over the internet.

Database for students

Entering student details, Pinacs allows better perfomance monitoring.

Educational material

The platform enables input to the system to teachers, students and parents. Teachers can post educational materials and notes of each lesson, informing constantly their students. Students can receive information when a new exercise is available and submit their homework online.

Task Scheduler

Through a detailed program with registered teaching hours, responsible teachers and students presence of students allows better procedures and task management. On dashboard, most important notifications appears.

Questions Bank

A questions bank is available for students, with content that can easily be updated, improved and renewed.

Direct communication

Communication tools is enabled allowing platform users to connect.