The new web application "My Next Degree", designed by Darkpony LTD, is one of the most essential tools that any company that deals with the demanding field of seminars and event planning should have.

It was developed exclusively to assist admins and users by providing the necessary tools to organise an event/seminar faster, easier and more efficient.

One of the most important advantages of the system is the automation of the manual work that seminar or event planners should make. 

Support for Subsidized Programs (e.g ANAD)

One of the most important functionalities of the application is to support the various subsidized programs that can be carried out. The system can automatically calculate the subsidy that each participant or company can benefit from each seminar.

Support for Programs & Other Events

Create programs/events/seminars that do not fall under ANAD. In addition, the system allows the user to create an event (either open or closed group) and promote it to a specific group of people they want.

Classification of participants

Organize users easily into categories (freelancer, unemployed, company or organization, but also any other category required by your organization) in order to meet any discounting policy that you want to provide them.

Manage user data

Quick access to lists that include different kind of data  of registered users in a seminar/event.

Ways to pay

Choose among different payment methods that users can select to pay with.

Electronic Payment 

Select your favorite electronic payment processor through a predefined list of processors. (such as Paypal, JCC, etc.).

Easy to record

By registering, users can make payments faster and safer. In addition, through their account, users can access their full transaction history.

Smart reminder

Users are informed by SMS or email (according to their preferences) of important information about the seminar (reminder of their next lesson, or possible changes to the day and time of the seminar).

Organizational management filters

Through the back end system, the organizer can filter and find different kind of information he may need about:

  • registered users per seminar, 
  • user category, 
  • type of payment, 
  • availability per seminar or 
  • total revenue - subsidy amount, 
  • Etc.

Exporting a list of users (in excel or pdf format)

Print or export your users' lists with their basic information.

Smart Search

Through smart filters, users can set their own parameters for faster access to data about a specific seminar.

Analysis of seminars

Through the system, administrators have the ability to choose among a big list of different attributes and parameters about a seminar, lesson, event.